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Today, reactivity is a crucial point for every business. More and more you get used to having everything immediately. But the speed of response shouldn’t decline the quality of work.

Visioos gives a complete communication solution between the different stakeholders of industrial businesses. We assist all the works that must be done at each step of machinery life. It can be about starting, maintenance or disassembly.

Imagine a mechanic who needs to repair a line of production. He starts his job and finds out that the problem isn’t what his company expected. With the Visioos solution, he can easily take contact with the expert. The headset films what is happening and transmits it on the computer of his colleague. The expert can now speak to him or send him pictures, plans, processes and point to things directly on the vision of the worker. The advantages are that the verbal and visual communication is assured in real time and let both hands of the worker free.

With our contacts and different tests that we made, we realised that we must develop a product adapted to the industrial sector. That means to use equipment that the worker of this sector are used to. Visioos will produce a headset which is based on hearing protection and a Head Mounted Display.

For Visioos, the communication of the knowledge between people is really important. We think that many displacements can be avoided and time saved if we improve this communication between them. For those reasons, we develop a convenient way to maximise time and resources.


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